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The pulp inside of a tooth can become infected if bacteria is able to reach the area from a deep cavity, a crack in the enamel, or repeated dental treatments. When the pulp becomes infected, a root canal treatment can relieve the pain, clean out the infection, and ultimately save the tooth. Here at McMillan Family Dental, we provide top-level root canal treatments when needed.

Root Canal Treatment in Meridian

Every tooth has a root canal located inside. There's a soft tissue, called the pulp, located inside that canal. The pulp is vital to the health of the tooth as it provides essential nutrients and houses the nerve center of the tooth. However, the pulp can decay or become damaged if a deep cavity or crack in the enamel occurs. If this happens, the patient will suffer significant tooth pain, and typically a root canal treatment will be the solution.

Root canal procedures are vital to the survival of the tooth as it removes problematic pulp before leading to more severe issues. We begin our procedure with a local anesthetic injection to the infected and surrounding area to numb the patient’s tooth. To ensure the tooth remains dry and clean during the procedure, a dental dam is situated around the tooth. We then drill the tooth from the top surface. The pulp is then taken out, and we make sure the root canal is irrigated to flush out any sign of remaining bacteria.

To prevent further decay from developing, we apply an important antimicrobial solution. Once the chamber is fully dried and cleaned, we apply a gutta-percha substance to fill the space. Finally, a dental crown is installed to restore the tooth fully.

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Dr. Gerard and entire staff excel in an exceptional customer experience. I’ve had many different dentists over the years but have never had one whom I felt at ease with. McMillan Family Dental treats the whole patient, not just what’s in your mouth. My family and I wouldn’t dream of going to another dentist ever! Call McMillan Family Dental ASAP. It will be the best decision you’ll ever make!
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