Missing teeth can lead to vitally serious issues if not replaced, and they almost always affect the way you smile, eat, and speak. Dentures are a set of prosthetic teeth attached to a base that looks like your natural gums and are used to replace missing teeth and restore the appearance and function of your smile.

If you are looking for natural-looking and high-quality tooth replacement in Meridian, we can provide you with highly effective and aesthetically pleasing dentures.

Fixed Dentures

Fixed dentures are securely attached to dental implants that are surgically placed in your jaw. Once installed, fixed dentures are permanently held in place and can only be removed through oral surgery.

Traditional Dentures

For patients who don’t want dental implants, traditional dentures are an excellent choice to replace missing teeth. Traditional dentures use suction and gripping to remain in place, and therefore don’t require oral surgery. They can be removed any time for cleaning, as required.

Denture Stabilization

Denture stabilization is the process of placing dental implants in the jaw to act as points for attaching traditional dentures, improving their efficiency and chewing power. Denture stabilization creates a steady and secure point for your dentures to “snap” onto, for greater stability, but also giving you the ability to remove them when needed.

FAQ Section

Dentures are a set of prosthetic teeth that are attached to a base that mimics the natural color of your gums.

You’ll need several appointments to receive your customized dentures. If implants are being placed, it will be a longer process and include minor surgery.

Dentures are used to replace missing teeth. They provide a natural look and bring back functionality and chewing power.

We provide two types of dentures: Traditional and Fixed. Traditional dentures rely on suction and a grip to stay in place, while fixed dentures are attached to dental implants to remain steady and stable in your mouth.

Traditional dentures can be easily removed any time, while fixed dentures require oral surgery to remove.

Denture stabilization is a method of installing dental implants in your mouth to provide points of attachment for your traditional dentures to “snap” onto. Denture stabilization can improve the efficiency and chewing power of traditional dentures.

If you have missing teeth, don’t worry! You can go back to eating, speaking and smiling like you used to.
We offer high-quality, natural-looking dentures in Meridian. To restore your smile, please give our dental office a call. You can reach our friendly, knowledgeable staff at (208) 216-1718.