Membership Plans

Member Savings Plan

More and more of our patients do not use dental insurance. They may not have access to dental insurance through their employer or they find that the limited coverage does not justify the expense.

When dental insurance was first introduced decades ago, benefits were robust and out-of-pocket costs lower. These days, it seems insurance companies are imposing more and more restrictions, while the patient ends up paying a higher premium for less coverage.

We don’t want our patients to be left without options when it comes to their oral healthcare. That is why we offer an in-house Savings Plan for our patients who do not have dental insurance, whatever the reason. The aim of our Savings Plan is to make family dental care accessible and affordable so that patients don’t have to go without.

Savings Plan Options

Plan Type

Healthy Mouth Adult
Child (13-18 years old)
Child (0-12 years old)
Periodontal Therapy

Annual Cost


The Healthy Mouth Adult & Child plans include:

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    1 Comprehensive Exam (for new patients)
  • null
    2 Periodic Exams
  • null
    1 Complete X-ray Series or Panorex
  • null
    1 Periapical Film (20% savings on additional films)
  • null
    1 Bitewing X-ray
  • null
    2 Cleanings (20% savings on additional cleanings)
  • null
    2 Fluoride Treatments

The Periodontal Therapy Plan also includes 4 periodontal maintenance sessions per year.

Savings on Other Treatments & Services

  • null
    20% savings on preventive treatments not included in the plan
  • null
    20% savings on fillings, crowns, dentures and partials, root canal therapy, periodontic treatment, oral surgery and orthodontics (must be a member for the entire treatment time)
  • null
    15% savings on clear orthodontics (must be a member for the entire treatment time)
  • null
    $50 Whitening for Life (plus 2 refills/yr with pro)

The best part about enrolling in one of our Savings Plans is that it is NOT INSURANCE, so you cannot be denied. There are no waiting periodsno deductibles to meet or annual maximums. You will never need to be pre-authorized to receive the treatment you need. There are no restrictions on type of treatment or materials, and no claims to file, ever.

Save on dental care without compromising on quality

Our Savings Plan gives you and your family the opportunity to receive the highest quality dental care at an affordable price.

For the full details about the services and treatments included in each type of plan, how to enroll, payment terms, renewability, and plan limitations, please ask us at your next visit, or give us a call at (208) 216-1718.