Regular Dental Checkups

The best way to maintain your oral health and practice preventive care is to visit your dentist every six months for a regular dental checkup. At McMillan Family Dental, we strive to make our dental office a convenient and family-oriented practice.

At McMillan Family Dental, we stress preventive dentistry and education. We welcome and invite our patients to ask questions on the best oral hygiene habits and methods. We have a friendly and knowledgeable staff that wants the best for our patients! We recommend visiting our dental office for a regular dental checkup once every six months. This will allow us to clean your teeth on a deeper level than regular brushing and will also help us detect any developing issues.

A regular dental checkup with us may include:

Full Examination:

Our dentists and dental hygienists will thoroughly examine and check your mouth for any issues, whether they are developed or still developing. The examination includes checking your teeth, gums, tongue and jaw.

Professional Cleaning:

Our dentists and dental hygienists will scrape away and remove any plaque that has built up since your last regular dental checkup. Plaque is an invisible, film-like substance that contains bacteria. If left to sit too long, it can harden and become tartar, which can create more serious issues. A professional cleaning will remove plaque from your mouth, including the areas that are harder to clean with just regular brushing or flossing.

Oral Cancer Screening:

When it comes to oral cancer, the earlier it is detected and treated, the better! If you use tobacco, consume a large amount of alcohol or have HPV, you may be at an increased risk of oral cancer.

Digital X-Rays/3D Imaging:

If our dental professionals need a closer, more detailed look at your oral structures, we will take digital X-rays or use our in-house 3D imaging/cone beam technology. These images will give us much more insight into the state of your oral health.

If it’s been six months since your last visit to the dentist, it’s time for a regular dental checkup!
To schedule your appointment for a regular dental checkup in Meridian, please call our dental office at (208) 216-1718.